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Thank you for your interest in Harbor House Gardens!

Our Mission: To provide all artists and crafters with a fruitful retail location at Harbor House Gardens.

Our Philosophy: As artists ourselves, we know how hard it can be to get accepted into a gallery. As people's tastes are wide and varied, we are happy to accept any credible artist into the Harbor House Gardens family. Please visit our Gallery and Gifts page to see who has joined Harbor House Gardens. If you are interested, please fill out an application.


We are looking for a wide selection of fine art, crafts, and gift items.
Please submit photographic, print or digital images of the items with
the application. All material submitted is non-returnable.


At Harbor House Gardens, we offer consignment only.


To maintain a fresh look in the gallery, displays may be rotated. We
will display your items in the most artistic way possible including
providing risers to elevate your items in your space as necessary.
We will also have a showcase area where selected items from various
artists are highlighted. Individual items from each artist will be rotated
through that space. We also have several glass cases, grid wall,
and hanging display units.


We advertise in
local and national newspapers, magazines and tourist publications. We place our
brochures in businesses, hotels, B&Bs, and the Maine tourist
information centers. If any of your items are featured on the cover
of our brochures, you will be notified and receive copies of the brochure.


The term of a consignment contract is a minimum of six months. Once your application is
accepted, you will be sent a commitment agreement for your review and
signature. Please sign the agreement and return it to us along
with your first shipment of items. Harbor House Gardens will send a renewal notice
approximately 60 days prior to the end of the consignment term. If the agreement is not
renewed within 30 days of its end-date, the remaining unsold items
will be returned to the artist at the artisit's expense at the
conclusion of the agreement.

Monthly Invoice:

An invoice with sales and inventory status will be sent to the artist
every month. Payment for items sold the previous month, in the form
of a check, will also be sent with the invoice.

Inventory Sheets:

In order for us to keep track of inventory and to attribute each sale to the right artist, each shipment of items must include a completed inventory sheet. Information on the inventory sheet consists of:

  • Inventory code - The inventory code is the first two letters of
    your first name plus the first two letters of your last name,
    then a number. For example, a code for an item made by
    Anna Maria Kubis would be ANKU1, another item would be ANKU2.
    Each different item must have its own code. Multiples of the
    same item can have the same code. Codes are necessary so
    we can attribute the sale of an item to the correct artist and
    are essential for our record keeping.
  • Description of item - A brief description of the item
  • Quantity - How many of each item you are supplying
  • Price Per Item - This is the price you set for your item. It is the
    price you receive for the item when it is sold.
  • Retail price - This is the price you put on the price tag. This
    price is your price plus a 35% consignment fee.

Harbor House Gardens Inventory Sheet in Word or PDF.

Price Tags:

The artist is required to place price tags on all items shipped for sale
to Harbor House Gardens. The price tag must include the artist's
inventory code (so we will know who to attribute the sale of the item
to when the item is sold) and retail price for the item. Remember, the
retail price is the price you receive when the item is sold plus the 35% consignment fee.


We want you to be successful in our gallery. It benefits us both. We
will pass on feedback from our customers about your work, prices and
general comments when appropriate. Your success is our success.
Let us know how we are doing and together, we can create something special — Harbor House Gardens. We will also let you know immediately when to send additional inventory.

Harbor House Gardens Application

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